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Looking for top soil supplies? We provide all grades of top soil in bulk orders or small bags - call today and speak to a top soil expert.

We provide high grade top soil, medium grade and budget top soil in bulk or small bags to Bideford, Bideford, Exeter and across Devon.

What is top soil?

Top soil is the dirt and nutrients that plants grow in from which they obtain their food and water. It is essential for establishing a productive vegetable or flower garden as well as being vital to laying turf.

Why buy your top soil from us?

Our topsoil contains a mixture of nitrogen, potassium and decayed plant material along with other elements that provide the optimum growing medium for plants. There are different kinds of soil that are used for various purposes, depending on what you are growing.

The main point to keep in mind is that the plants need to have a good mixture of compost and soil.

Topsoil Bideford is the top 10 to 30 cm of soil in the ground, it differs from sub soil by having an organic matter content.

Organic matter is the essential ingredient of any topsoil Bideford, it contains the essential nutrients that plants and micro organisms feed off and also improves the structure of the soil by improving drainage and locking in moisture around plant roots. Essentially without organic matter a soil is infertile.

Call today and speak to one of our top soil experts in Bideford for a free quote!

Top Soil

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