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We provide high quality mushroom compost in Barnstaple, Bideford, Exeter and across Devon.

At Sexon Landscape Garden Services in Bideford we provide the highest quality Mushroom compost in Bideford. Mushroom compost Bideford has a high organic matter content that makes it useful material for soil improvement and mulching.

Traditionally made with well rotted – rotted stable manure, mushroom compost is now generally made using composted straw.

Our mushroom compost in Bideford often contains chalk and is alkaline in nature. We remove any large pieces of chalk that are visible, to make sure our mushroom compost Bideford is of the highest standard.

Mushroom compost Bideford is therefore most useful on acidic soils that are low in organic matter, where liming effect of the chalk is an added benefit to soil fertility.

Our mushroom compost in Bideford is excellent on the vegetable garden, as vegetable crops usually grow best when the soil is not acidic and where the soil is alkaline.

Our mushroom compost in Bideford is a high quality, economical soil conditioner. It improves the texture of heavy clay and adds humus to thin sandy soils. Our mushroom compost in Bideford has a high water and nutrient holding capacity and exhibits no nitrogen draw down problems. Our mushroom compost in Bideford supports plant growth in a variety of plant applications such as corn, pumpkin, tomato and potatoes.   

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Mushroom Compost

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